Automatic Cup Washer Or Glass Rinser Dishwasher

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Product Information:

【High-quality materials】The black cup washer chassis and the pressing part of the cup mouth are made of high-quality ABS material, and the main body is made of copper and the surface is electroplated. It has been tested many times before leaving the factory and is of high quality and durable.
【Convenient and efficient】Too many glasses to wash after the party? The Cup Rinser for sink is very suitable for quickly cleaning wine utensils, champagne glasses or wine glasses. Just press lightly to reduce the time of soaking and wiping.
【Simple to use】Put the mouth of the cup down, press the bottom of the cup lightly, and spray from multiple angles. The powerful water flow of the glass cup washer can thoroughly rinse the residue in a few seconds, remove the cup and stop spraying water, making your cup as bright as new.
【Easy installation】There is at least 2 inches of space around the mounting hole, and the center of the hole to the edge of the sink The distance should not exceed 2 inches-to ensure that the water flows into the sink instead of accumulating on the table.
【Wide application】It can be used in home kitchens, bars, coffee shops, milk tea shops or hotels and other cups less than 4.3 inches, so you can reduce the time of soaking and scrubbing, and efficiently solve the daily cup washing problems