Neck Cushion Massager – USB Charging Massage Pillow

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 Deep Tissue Relief: Experience soothing relief with our deep tissue kneading massager. Penetrating deep into the tissue, it alleviates neck and shoulder pain, boosting blood circulation. The built-in heating function (113℉/45℃) adds an extra layer of comfort!

🔄 Dynamic Massage Experience: Our neck massager changes direction every minute, ensuring endless comfort. Bidirectional kneading nodes create a massage experience that revitalizes your body and mind, keeping you in top-notch condition!

🌬️ Memory Foam Bliss: Crafted with 100% pure memory foam and 5-second rebound technology, our neck pillow provides unparalleled comfort and durability. Relieve fatigue and achieve complete relaxation with every use.

💆 Perfect Support: Embrace a U-shaped ergonomic design that perfectly fits the spine's curve. Enjoy 360° surrounding head and neck support, preventing your head from tilting forward. Adjustable rope lock ensures a custom fit, relieving neck pain during travel.

✈️ Travel Essential: Whether on airplanes, trains, or cars, our pillow is your go-to travel companion. Also perfect for side sleeping in the office or cozy evenings watching TV. Gift this health-packed pillow to your loved ones!

🔋 Wireless Convenience: Enjoy a massage anytime, anywhere! Our wireless neck massager comes with a 2000mAh rechargeable battery, offering 8 days of bliss with just 30 minutes a day. The 15-minute auto shutdown prevents overuse.